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let the light shine

This painting was also inpsired by the futility and madness of violence. The yellow orb to the right is a passive form to stand in stark contrast to the mayhem that occupies most of the foreground. A British Army watchtower overlooks the view to show the viewer the root causes of conflict as power and domination. The yellow sun stands for the light of reason, hence the title. A lifeless grey informs the theme.
There is nothing complicated about this image because we hold to the view that if you have something to say you are obliged to say it simply and clearly. The obscurantism that prevails in so-called 'contemporary art' is self-defeating because its practitioners rarely have anything worthwhile to say and, even if they did, what is the point of expressing it in a language that only a few can understand? Would you send your mother a letter written in Latin with the hidden proviso that she is not entitled to read it until she has mastered the language? Our work is there to be read and responded to by anybody who isn't blind. We make no apologies for lack of artifice as our intention is not to beguile but communicate.

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