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the State (panel A)

Panels 'A' and 'B' join together to form a triptych. Panel 'B' can stand alone as a separate statement. Panel 'A' shows how the Orange Order is perceived by Catholics, viz as a battalion of automata. This is not how they are in reality but you learn quickly that how things really are and how they are perceived inhabit two different regions in the Northern Irish pysche. Often, the former has nothing whatever to do with the latter. For a bigot of any persuasion it is enough that you belong to a different cloth for conflict to manifest. It is enough that you resemble the mythic "Other" that he or she has been taught to hate.
Our painting is deliberately theatrical for that reason. The men marching are all identical and the overpowering presence of John Calvin with the book of the law in his hand spells out what is universally recognised the doctrinal root of the Orange tradition.

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