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Title - 'Bloody Sunday'
(Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972 - Mural 1)
Medium - Emulsions and Acrylics
Size - 20ft x 28ft

This mural depicts the death of Jackie Duddy. Fr Edward Daly, later Bishop Daly, and outspoken critic of the Hunger Strikes of 1981, is present waving a white handkerchief. This and the Civil Rights banner are two main focal points, the other being the victim. The soldier stands on the bloodied banner thereby defining his role as seen by the people of the Bogside. Recent evidence of collusion involving the army and the RUC in the deaths of Catholics gives some weight to this view.

The construction lines draw the eye downwards through the supine figure of the victim to the banner. Marching for civil rights is how and why this young man lost his life it says. Again it is painted in black and white and is the result of a photo montage compiled from film footage. The blood stained banner upon which the soldier is standing speaks a great deal for the price people pay everywhere for democratic freedom. In terms of media coverage this mural is second only to 'The Petrol Bomber' as a chronicle of a specific event that had dire repercussions both in the North of Ireland and beyond.

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