The first New TSN Annual Report November 1999




Consultation on the Draft New TSN Action Plans

Your Views on the Draft Action Plans

We would welcome comments on the draft Action Plans. Everyone’s contribution will be appreciated, but Departments are particularly interested in the opinions of:

  • people who are affected by social need, or who have been affected by it in the past

  • voluntary organisations which work with, or represent, disadvantaged people

  • NDPBs and other organisations in the public sector who provide services to disadvantaged people or work to alleviate the effects of poverty and exclusion

  • academics, researchers and social commentators

  • trades unions, employers’ bodies and economic organisations

  • political parties, District Councils and District Partnerships.

Your views are invited on the likely effectiveness of the Departmental Plans in tackling social need and social exclusion, especially on:

  • objectives, targets or actions in the Action Plans which will be particularly effective in helping those who are disadvantaged

  • objectives, targets or actions which may have unintended consequences for those who are disadvantaged

  • objectives, targets or actions which could be strengthened

  • suggestions and proposals not included in the Plans.



How to Contribute

Submissions should be sent by mail, fax or e-mail to:

Mark Goodfellow
New TSN Unit
PO Box 1407

Fax: 01232 543794

6.2.2 It is anticipated that some contributors will wish to comment on only one Department’s Plan, while others will have views on more than one. If you are commenting on more than one Action Plan, please group your points under headings indicating the Departmental Plans to which they refer.
6.2.3 Every objective, and target or action point, in each Plan is numbered. It would help the Departments analyse your comments if, when discussing particular points in the Plans, you could quote the relevant numbers. For example, if you were commenting on DANI’s first action point the number you would quote would be "DANI 1 a.".
6.2.4 The draft Departmental Action Plans are the only aspects of this Report which are being consulted upon, and you should focus your comments specifically on their contents. It would be helpful if you could express your points as concisely as possible – you may wish, for example to use short notes or bullet points.
6.2.5 It would also be helpful if you could say at the beginning of your submission who you are and, where appropriate, who your organisation represents and who, if anyone, you have consulted about the Action Plans before drawing up your submission. Please also indicate clearly the Department, or Departments, on whose Plans you are commenting.



Closing Date

The closing date for receipt of submissions is Monday, 7 February 2000.

It will not be possible for Departments to consider submissions received after the closing date.




If you wish any of your comments to be kept confidential, please indicate this clearly at the beginning of your submission. Contributions which are not marked as confidential will be assumed to be open. They may be quoted in reports or other documents, published by Ministers or placed in the libraries of the Houses of Parliament or of the Northern Ireland Assembly.



After the Submissions are Received

Each submission will be acknowledged by the New TSN Unit when it is received. Departments will carefully consider the comments made before making recommendations to Ministers on the final form of the Action Plans. It will not, however, be possible for either the New TSN Unit or the Departments to respond to specific points raised in the submissions.

6.5.2 Departments intend to make their final Action Plans public. The New TSN Unit will inform contributors when the final Action Plans are available.



Further Information

If you have questions about the consultation you are welcome to contact Mark Goodfellow at the New TSN Unit on
01232 543779.


Contact points in the respective Departments are:

  DANI Noel Cornick 01232 524557
  DED Barbara Swann 01232 529255
  DENI Mark Browne 01247 279338
  DOE Margaret Langhammer 01232 540938
  DFP Jim McKeown 01247 858149
  DHSS Norman Lunn 01232 520768
  NIO Denis Carson 01232 527015
6.6.3 Further copies of this Report are available from Corporate Document Services Orderline on 0113 399 4040. It is available on disk, in large print and on audio cassette from the New TSN Unit. It can be accessed on the Internet at