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Project Title:An Crann/The Tree
Contact:Margaret Madden
Address:Suite 2
10 Arthur Street
Telephone:01232 240209
Fax:01232 240219


Origins of the Organisation:
The group was established at a public meeting in the Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast in December 1994.

Aims and Objectives:
To gather the human detail of how individual Northern Irish (and other) people experienced the 'Troubles' in the hope that the process of doing this will be useful to those people, and that their witness might resonate across divisions.

Projects and Activities:
Helping people to tell and to hear the stories of the 'Troubles' by working - through the arts - with groups or individuals who wish to record their own experiences of this time in all our lives. We are currently working through writing groups, visual arts projects, a documentary film project and a long term large-scale music project.

Geographical Area of Operation:
Mainly Northern Ireland.

The 'Right to Hope' Trust (South Africa).

Information leaflets - available from libraries and leisure centres and from ourselves. We also have our own song, to be released later this year.

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