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Project Title:Ballycastle Community House
Contact Name:Rev Matthew Wallace
Address:N I Children's Committee 10
1a Dunlewey Street
BT13 2QU
Telephone:01232 321689
Fax:01232 326866


Ballycastle Community House at 32 North Street Ballycastle was purchased in 1982. Funding for the purchase was raised by the USA branch of N.I Children's Committee 10.

We are absolutely delighted with the improvements your substantial grant enabled us to carry out. The house is now in beautiful condition and the benefits accrued from the refurbishment include:

a) Wheelchair access
b) Excellent fire prevention
c) Vastly improved insulation and heating system
d) Excellent catering and dining accommodation
e) Sleeping accommodation for 18 persons
f) Minimal maintenance for many years.

In the past year the house has been occupied for 207 days by a total of 681 people. All our committee members are aware that the house is underused and are actively pursuing ways of increasing occupancy levels. The house tends to be vacant more often midweek during school term, especially during the winter months. If CCRU knows of any other cross-community group with similar aims to ourselves who could benefit by using our Ballycastle house we would be more than happy to discuss the possibility with them. Our programme is now in existence for 15 years. Many of the children we sent on holidays to America are now married with families of their own. These are the families we are now targeting in our efforts to get Protestants and Catholics sharing the same house at the same time. The vast majority of our users are still Protestant and Catholic children under 16 years of age.

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