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Project Title:Belvoir Recreational Centre Floodlights
Contact:Maurice Williamson
Address:Boys' Brigade (Belfast Battalion)
Boys' Brigade House
14 May Street
Telephone:01232 324853
Fax:01232 314661


The Belvoir Recreation Centre provides football and sports facilities for Boys' Brigade and other youth units throughout the week. In the winter months the ability to use the Centre is totally dependant on its floodlight facilities. These were over 20 years old, well past their date for renewal and their demise would have spelt the end for the mid-week use of the centre. This in turn would have presented a serious set back to the Boys' Brigade developing cross community contacts and programmes.

All this was quite literally saved by the support given by PSEP which in turn triggered off other financial support. The resulting level of support allowed the floodlights to be renewed and led in turn to further use of the centre by cross community groups.

The resulting benefits have been greatly appreciated by user groups and have now led to the engagement of consultants to advise on even more intensive development of the centre which would be to the undoubted advantage of youth work in the greater Belfast area and beyond.

The PSEP input was also highly influential in the holding of a cross community sports day at Belvoir in May 1997 when over 1000 young people and their leaders were in attendance.

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