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Project Title:Coming Out of Violence
Contact:Roger MacGinty
Aberfoyle House
Northland Road
BT48 7JA
Telephone:01504 375506
Fax:01504 375510


The Coming out of Violence research project seeks to monitor systematically the Northern Ireland Peace Process, as well as the Peace Processes in South Africa, Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka and the Basque Country. The general aim of the project is to identify the peculiar or general features of each process. It is hoped that a comparative, empirical examination of the less violent stages of a number of persistent ethnic disputes will allow the development of a better theoretical understanding of peace processes. The end result will be a book on the Northern Ireland peace process and an edited book on comparative peace processes.

The project seeks to monitor developments in each are along six tracks: violence and security; progress towards political or constitutional agreement; economic factors; the role of external actors; popular responses and symbolism. Key players involved in each peace process (senior politicians, policy makers and commentators) are interviewed on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of the research. A senior academic in each of Sri Lanka, Israel/Palestine, South Africa and the Basque Country has been recruited as a project partner.

The PSEPII funds have been used to employ a Northern Ireland based research officer, help administer and manage the project from Northern Ireland and help host a preliminary meeting between the project participants..

The PSEPII funds have enabled the project to get off the ground and begin the task of examining a series of peace processes and their constituent parts in a systematic way.

As a way of disseminating the findings of the research as quickly as possible, the Coming out Of Violence project participants produce regular briefing updates on the conflict in their area. These briefing updates, which consist of one page of narrative and one of analysis, are then placed on the World Wide Web. In May, these pages attracted over four hundred separate enquiries. There are also a number of more conventional academic publications related to the project in the pipe line.


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