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Project Title:Causeway Publication
Contact:Gary Law
Address:Cultural Traditions Publications
3 Botanic Avenue
Telephone:01232 236030
Fax:01232 236081


Causeway is a quarterly journal which aims to explore and celebrate the diversity and shared heritage of differing traditions in Northern Ireland. It has been operating since September of 1993 and in October 1994 the magazine was awarded funding under PSEP. Since Causeway is not a mass appeal magazine, yet has to hold its own in a highly competitive media market, PSEP funding has been essential in giving it a sound start. Funds from the programme have ensured that the magazine is produced to the highest possible production standards, yet the cover price is kept at an affordable level, thus enabling the journal to establish a firm readership base upon which to build. The magazine has proved highly successful in stimulating areas of discussion and debate in the media, academic circles and community organisations such as local history groups. The core readership is small but growing, and within the cushion of PSEP funding, the journal has the resources to plan new marketing initiatives to bring Causeway to a wider audience.

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