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Project Title:Community Relations Council Grant Aid - Community, Reconciliation and Cultural Diversity Projects
Contact:Gillian Nelson/John Fitzsimons/Ray Mullan
6 Murray Street
Telephone:01232 439953
Fax:01232 235208


PSEPII has been used by NICRC to further it's aims and objectives. These can be summarised as follows:

NICRC aims to increase understanding and co-operation between political, religious and cultural communities in Northern Ireland. The Council implements this by providing funding, development work, information, training and advice for groups in community relations and cultural traditions work. NICRC provides funding for local organisations which are concerned with the development of community relations awareness, cultural diversity and conflict resolution. This is done through it's various main grant schemes below:

* Inter Community Grant Scheme - This scheme is particularly geared to locally based community and voluntary groups who wish to develop projects which attempt to encourage co-operation, increase understanding and lessen tension across the traditional, political and religious divide.

* Local Cultural Traditions Grant Scheme - This scheme supports and encourages the development of cultural traditions at local level by assisting groups who wish to develop projects and programmes which are designed to encourage cultural confidence and an acceptance of cultural diversity in Northern Ireland.

* Publication Grant Scheme - This supports publishers who wish to publish work of general interest which relates to the varied cultural traditions and/or history of the people in Northern Ireland.

* Media Grant Scheme - This scheme seeks to support broadcasters of film or radio programmes which explore cultural diversity and local tradition and are of a quality to address large, general and diverse audiences or demonstrate potential for wide distribution.

* Development Grant Scheme - This grant is available to assist groups whose work is primarily with community relations and who have identified a need for improving the development of their organisation.

PSEPII has also been used to fund CRC's Information Centre and Symbols Exhibition. NICRC's central strategic place within the community relations infrastructure in Northern Ireland has enabled it to benefit a diverse range of groups in all of the following sectors: community, women, church, economic development, cultural and education.

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