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Project Title:Community Relations Information Centre
Contact Name:Mr Ray Mullan
6 Murray Street
Telephone:01232 439953
Fax:01232 235208


The Community Relations Information Centre was funded by PSEPII until March 1997. The centre operated from 31 Castle Lane, Belfast as a resource facility and shop window for community relations publications. These included manuals, reports, leaflets, guidelines, directories, grant forms and books produced by up to 70 organisations including the Community Relations Council. The centre was a unique facility providing the most comprehensive collection of material available for those seeking support and encouragement for community relations work.

It was also a useful outlet for organisations producing such material, who often lacked opportunities for wide dissemination. The centre was based in a busy pedestrian part of Belfast City centre and was very visible and accessible. It also promoted its services by organising displays in local libraries throughout Northern Ireland.

The Centre was much used and enquiries rose to 5,000 per year. While most callers had some interest or experience of community relations work already they were often unaware of the range of support available or where to turn to for help or advice. The centre was also a convenient outlet for the increasing range of relevant material being produced.

While PSEPII funding of the centre has ended the need for the centre has continued and alternative premises have been opened at College Sq. East with funding from CCRU.

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