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Project Title:Ireland's Scholar Athlete Games
Contact:Ken Smyth
Address:Ireland's School Athlete Games Project (NI) Ltd
Room 17C03
University of Ulster
BT37 0QB
Telephone:01232 368280
Fax: 01232 368280


Ireland's School Athlete Games' (ISAG) aim to promote the acceptance of cultural diversity between young people of different traditions by promoting co-operation in various cultural, sporting and educational activities. To do this it provides programmes which will empower young people through the development of self-esteem and self confidence; it explores issues surrounding the concept of Peace and Reconciliation and it develops programmes that will be of benefit to individuals and their communities. The PSEPII funds were used in 2 ways:
1) as a contribution towards the community relations development of the project through sporting, cultural and educational activities.
2) for an evaluation by the Centre for the Study of Conflict.

The programme itself brought over 400 young people in the 15-17 year age range to the University of Ulster, Jordanstown to undertake a programme of 14 different cultural and sporting activities as well as participating in discussions during theme days. Theme day topics included conflict resolution; drugs; the environment and politics and sports. The programme stretched out over an 8 day period. The evaluation of the programme provided recommendations to review with regard to future programmes. This in itself was extremely beneficial for the organisation as a whole - giving guidance and direction for years to come. During the programme the participants found themselves empowered by the experience, and that it opened up the idea of new 'possible selves' to many participants. Friendships were formed and evidence showed that most participants kept in touch with at least some of their new friends.

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