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Project Title:Kilcranny House
Contact:Anne Cummings/Robert Lee
Address:Kilcranny House
21 Cranagh Road
BT51 3NN
Telephone:01265 321816
Fax:01265 321816


Kilcranny House is a residential education and resource centre. It is committed to addressing the divisions which exist between people in Northern Ireland and in this regard provides a safe place for people to meet together in a rural residential setting. Through programmes of work, recreation and discussion, we believe that fears, prejudice and conflict can be resolved. Kilcranny provides an atmosphere for the exchange of views and skills, in the understanding that everyone has something to offer.

The centre is particularly suited to small groups, or groups involved in community relations work and provides a vital service as one of the very few residential centres in the North West.

Kilcranny is happy to cater for groups with their own programmes or to assist with or provide programmes for visiting groups. It also offers its own resource programmes dealing with issues such as conflict resolution, non-violence, prejudice awareness and a range of environmental/conservation issues.

In 1987 Kilcranny received PSEP funding to repair and resurface the long laneway from the main road to the centre. This was a major project. Before the work was carried out, visiting groups and the general public were reluctant to visit the centre, as the laneway was in such a bad state of disrepair, Kilcranny was quite inaccessible. Since the project was completed, our monitoring and evaluation systems have indicated that the laneway is no longer an obstacle to groups and individuals visiting Kilcranny House. The feedback we have had from members of the local community has also been extremely positive and encouraging.

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