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Project Title:Multi-Cultural Resource Centre
Contact:Fee Ching Leong
Address:12 Upper Crescent
Telephone:01232 244639
Fax:01232 329581



* To raise awareness of the existence of ethnic minority communities in Northern Ireland, acknowledging their equal rights and specific needs.
* To highlight the rich contribution made by the ethnic minority communities to Northern Irish society through their diverse cultural traditions and values.
* To support ethnic minority communities in the affirmation of their own cultural identity and to assist those communities to become an integrated, yet distinctive part of the larger community in Northern Ireland.

Activities/services provided:

* Functions as an essential network of contacts, liaising with ethnic minority communities, social and community workers, statutory/voluntary bodies, advice/support agencies and teaching further education/tertiary education institutions;
* Offers consultancy and training on management of cultural diversity in service delivery;
* Provides anti racist training to all service providers (private, public and voluntary), community activists, youth, third level students, teachers/lecturers and church affiliated groups;
* Facilitates consultancy/advice service on matters related to minority cultures;
* Provides a comprehensive reference library and information service;
* Provides a drop in facility open to minority and majority communities living in Northern Ireland;
* Provides and/or arranges training, volunteering and employment opportunities for ethnic minority individuals;
* Provides or arranges interpreting facilities and befriending services;
* Responds to cases of racism experienced by ethnic minority individuals/communities;
* Identifies, in partnership with ethnic minority organisations, their specific needs in areas of education, employment, housing, health services, social services and other aspects of community care;
* Organises awareness stimulating events to encourage integration among the different communities in Northern Ireland;
* Carries out research work on ethnic minority issues;
* Lends support to community based self help initiatives;
* Provides information regarding the implementation of the Race Relations Order for Northern Ireland;
* Organises training courses to help with the development of women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

There are at least 50 different ethnic minority communities resident in Northern Ireland;

Racism in Northern Ireland denies people the right to be assertively 'different' and they are therefore, accused of not trying to 'fit in'. Instead concepts of equality must be refashioned to take account of the ethnic mix that exists in this country. An understanding of the complexities of ethnic and religious diversity will make this society more interesting, more dynamic and more enriching for all its members.

The Multi Cultural Resource Centre staff (both paid and unpaid) are also available outside office hours, when necessary.

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