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Project Title:Making Links
Contact:Cordula Bellin
Address:39 Queens Parade
Co Down
Telephone:01247 454290


Making Links is a joint programme by RelateTeen, the SEELB and Bangor YMCA.

The Making Links Programme aims to explore the wide range of relationships that we make through life.

Using a practical approach participants will be provided with the information which will effectively improve the quality of their relationships.

They get the opportunity to share their views, practise their skills in an informal yet informative way, including methods like group discussions, role play, outdoor and social activities, art work, games and lots of fun.

The programme targets 15-17 year olds in North Down, five young people have been selected as peer educators and will lead the programmes which run over a period of 8 weeks with the support of a project worker.

The course itself will be adapted according to the needs and wishes of the young people.

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