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Project Title:Speedwell Project: Provision and Operation of New Classrooms
Contact:Jean Kelly
Address:Speedwell Project
Parkanaur Forest Park
BT70 3AA
Telephone:01868 767392
Fax:01868 761794


Speedwell is a cross community project which brings together Catholic and Protestant school children through curriculum based programmes. The work is mainly environmental and encourages the young people to appreciate the world they share and recognise the need for its conservation, as well as developing respect for each other.

The PSEPII funds granted to Speedwell have enabled the project to develop and expand in order to keep up with increased demand from schools. The funding has helped provide:
* two new, fully equipped spacious classrooms within the courtyard at Parkanaur Forest Park
* two additional full time staff, as Education Officer and Junior Education Assistant.
* furniture and equipment to allow the existing accommodation to be reorganised into increased office, meeting and resource space.

As a result of the above Speedwell has been able to increase its provision as follows:
157 Bookings286 Bookings
53 Schools69 Schools
3000 Children4225 Children

Speedwell has also been able to improve on the quality of its programmes by dividing larger groups between the two new rooms, thus giving the children the extra space and a greater Speedwell staff to children ratio.

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