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Project Name:Templegrove Action Research - Segregation in Derry
Contact:Marie Smyth
Address:Templegrove Action Research
Room G1, 2nd Floor
13 Pump Street
BT48 6JG


In September 1994, Templegrove Action Research Limited began a two year project which was to investigate aspects of the shifting population balance between Protestants and Catholics in Derry Londonderry. As part of that investigation research was conducted in two enclave areas, Gobnascale (Catholic) and The Fountain (Protestant) in which some of the central questions were directed at uncovering the reasons why people remain living in certain areas, whilst others move out; what is the quality of life for those who remain; and how people perceive themselves on the majority-minority axis.


Sectarian Division and Area Planning: A commentary on "The Derry Area Plan 2011: Preliminary Proposals." Prepared by Marie Smyth, May 1995.

A report of a Public Hearing on the Experiences of Minorities in Derry Londonderry. Marie Smyth, April 1996.

A Report of a Series of Public Discussions on Aspects of Sectarian Division in Derry Londonderry held in the period December 1994 - June 1995. Marie Smyth March 1996.

Two Policy Papers: Policing and Sectarian Division, and Urban Regeneration and Sectarian Division, Ruth Moore and Marie Smyth, April 1996.

Three Conference Papers on Aspects of Segregation and Sectarian Division: Researching Sectarianism (Ruth Moore and Marie Smyth); Borders Within Borders: Material and Ideological Aspects of Segregation (Marie Smyth); and Limitations on the Capacity for Citizenship in Post-cease-fires Northern Ireland (Marie Smyth), May 1996.

Life in Two Enclave Areas in Northern Ireland. A field survey in Derry Londonderry after the Cease-fires. Marie Smyth, June 1996

Hemmed in and Hacking it - Life in two enclaves in Northern Ireland. Words and images from The Fountain and Gobnascale.

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