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Project Title:Ulster-Scotch Heirskip Cooncil - Ulster-Scots Heritage Council
Contact:Nelson McCausland
Address:2nd Floor
218 York Street
BT15 1GY
Telephone:01232 746939
Fax:01232 746980


Director: Nelson McCausland
Information/Community Outreach Officer: Lee Reynolds
Cultural Enterprise Officer: Colin Robinson
Office Manager: Freda Waite

Th'Ulster-Scotch Heeirskip Cooncil/The Ulster-Scots Heritage Council was established to promote awareness and understanding of the Ulster-Scots tradition in language, literature, music and dance as well as the contribution to the development of modern Ulster and the achievements of the Ulster-Scots diaspora in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Heritage Council is committed to a comprehensive exploration of the interaction between Ulster and Scotland, which has been a constant factor in the history of the British Isles.

The core members of the heritage council are the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the Ulster-Scots Language Society, the Ulster-Scots Academy, the Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School and the Presbyterian Historical Society. In addition to core members it has ordinary members. These are groups whose work is partially about Ulster-Scots or local based Ulster-Scots organisations. This includes the like of the North of Ireland Family History Society, the WF Marshall Trust, the South Belfast Cultural Society/Fowkgates Societie o Sooth Bilfawst and the Shankill Ulster-Scots Society/Ulster-Scotch Societie o Auld Kirk.

Over the next few years the council intends:

a. to promote all aspects of Ulster-Scots culture, language and tradition

b. to support the needs of established Ulster-Scots groups

c. to assist the development of new and emerging Ulster-Scots groups wherever such help is identified

d. to promote and extend opportunities for education in and about Ulster-Scot culture language and tradition throughout the community, using such means and methods as may be deemed appropriate, and to promote the development of research and the production of relevant publications

e. to extend education in Ulster-Scots culture, language and tradition by its introduction to the curricula of schools, colleges and universities.

f. to develop study groups in specific areas of Ulster-Scots interest, for example, place names, family names, architecture and any other areas of interest which may be brought to the council's notice

g. to develop a corporate voice for the Ulster-Scots community.

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