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Project Title:Cost of the Troubles
Contact:Marie Smyth
Address:Unit 14
North City Business Centre
2 Duncairn Gardens
BT15 2GG
Telephone:028 90 742682/747470
Fax:028 90 742682


This two year project will examine the nature and prevalence of effects of the violence of 'the troubles' on the general population of Northern Ireland. The project will employ a range of methods, both qualitative and quantitative, within an action research paradigm, and the involvement of those directly affected in the troubles in informing the direction of the research. Outcomes will include a directory of groups and services available to those experiencing physical or emotional after-effects related to the troubles, and this will be drawn up in the initial phase of the work. Early qualitative work will provide in-depth accounts for qualitative analysis, and provide the basis for a field survey of a random structured sample of 3,500 people drawn from the general population. Interviewers will be specially trained and interviewees can be given information about the directory of sources if appropriate.

Publications: (proposed)

Mapping Troubles-Related Deaths in Northern Ireland, Fay, MT Morrissey, M and Smyth, M, 1998, INCORE, Derry, Londonderry.

Half the Battle: Understanding the impact of the Troubles on children and young people, Smyth, M, 1998, INCORE, Derry, Londonderry

Do You See What I See: Young peopleís experience of the Troubles in their own words and photographs, 1998, INCORE, Derry, Londonderry

Northern Irelandís Troubles: The Human Cost, Fay, MT, Morrissey, M, Smyth, M, 1999, Pluto Press London

The Cost of the Troubles Study: Report on the Northern Ireland Survey: the experience and impact of the Troubles, Fay, MT, Morrissey, M, Smyth, M and Wong, T, 1999, INCORE, Derry Londonderry

Forthcoming Personal Accounts from the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Smyth, M and Fay, MT, 2000, Pluto Press, London.

The Cost of The Troubles: forty voices and stories: edited transcripts from the interviews (working title)

Fatal incidents in Northern Ireland: an analysis of deaths in the troubles of 1969-1994. (with Mike Morrissey)

The Cost of The Troubles: the qualitative and quantitative findings (working title)(with Mike Morrissey)

What I did in the war, Daddy! Stories children tell about the troubles in Northern Ireland (working title)

Three age-specific educational children's books: to be commissioned from a professional children's writer by Barnardos, Save the Children Fund and the Cost of The Troubles Study in partnership.

Three age-specific educational children's animated films: to be written as a result of the research with children and commissioned by Barnardos, Save the Children Fund and the Cost of The Troubles Study in partnership.

Conference Papers:
Mapping Troubles-Related Deaths and Deprivation in Northern Ireland: World Congress on Violence, August 1997 & Ethnic Studies network, 1997 & journal publication (with Mike Morrissey)

Researching the effects of the Troubles on the current Northern Ireland population: methodological considerations. World Congress on Violence, August 1997 & Ethnic Studies Network, 1997 & journal publication.

Occasional Papers:
The distribution of troubles-related fatal incidents by postal areas in Northern Ireland (with Mike Morrissey)

The main features of the effects of the troubles on specifically affected sub-populations in Northern Ireland. Paper to the Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations.

Report of a study-exchange visit between South Africa and Northern Ireland to examine effects of bereavement and injury on people who have lived through political unrest. (with Mike Morrissey)

It's just like home": some comparisons between the effects of violence on children in inner city America and in low-intensity political conflict in Northern Ireland. (commissioned for Smith College Journal)

Researching the cost of the troubles using a participatory action research paradigm: some methodological implications.

The cost of the troubles: some health and social policy implications.

"I wish someone had told me...": suggestions on surviving violent bereavement and injury from those who have survived.

Research Reports:
The Cost of the Troubles: an audit of the effects of the troubles on the population: a survey.
The Cost of the Troubles: qualitative analysis of the interview data.
Report on a public hearing on media coverage of the troubles.

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