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Project Title:Integrated Social Housing
Contact:Brendan Murtagh
Address: University of Ulster
Magee College
Northland Road
BT48 7JL
Telephone:028 71 375282


This research looks at the extent and nature of religious residential segregation and integration in the public sector housing stock. The aim of the research is to explore the potential of new-build social housing that would be capable of supporting a mixed religion population, comparisons are drawn with other polarised societies and countries engaged in the task of racial and residential desegregation. Empirically, the research maps the extent and spatial distribution of religiously segregated estates and tenants in Northern Ireland. Housing markets will be classified principally in terms of their ability to sustain an integrated housing project. More locally based housing market research will be held in the top six districts which have the potential to develop alternatives to segregation in the public sector stock. The main aim will be to identify the areas, conditions and rules under which religiously integrated housing might operate.

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