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Project Title:Qualitative Aspects of Cross Community Contact
Contact:Professor Ed Cairns
Address: University of Ulster
BT52 1SA
Telephone:028 70 324661
Fax:028 70 324897


To advance education through a variety of levels and modes of study and to encourage learning and creativity for the benefit of the community in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. Research in Northern Ireland has confirmed that cross community contact does take place but both revealed a lack of detailed knowledge as to the actual mechanisms involved which in turn hinders our understanding of the way in which positive outcomes can be maximised.

Aims and Objectives:

It is the aim of the present study to examine, using a survey based in a representative sample of the Northern Irish population, the qualitative aspects of cross community contact in Northern Ireland in much more detail than has been done by existing research, and to do so using a sophisticated multivariate (structural equation) analyses of the data. Such information, it is argued, could greatly assist the formulation of community relations policy in Northern Ireland.

Main Phases:
Months 1-6 Data Collection, data cleaning and transfer data
Months 7-10 Data analyses
Months 11-12 Report writing and final analyses

Estimated start and end dates:
1 June 1997 - 31 May 1998

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