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Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland:
The Fourth Report
Edited by Richard Breen, Paula Devine
and Gillian Robinson (1995)

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ISBN 0 86281 476 26 Paperback 200pp

Published by:
Appletree Press Ltd.
19-21 Alfred Street

Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland
The Fourth Report, 1994-1995


The contributors
Richard Breen
1. Equality, Contact and Pluralism: Attitudes to Community Relations
A.M. Gallagher
2. Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland: Education
Robert D. Osborne
3. Beliefs about the Treatment of Catholics and Protestants by the Security Forces
Richard Breen
4. Welfare Attitudes
R. Wilford
5. Relations with Europe
M. L. Smith and J. Corrigan
6. Perceptions of Social Security
Eileen Evason
7. Environmental Attitudes in Northern Ireland
Steven Yearley
Appendix 1: Technical Details of the Survey
Kevin Sweeney and Alan McClelland
Appendix 2: The Questionnaire

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