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Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland:
The Fifth Report
Edited by Richard Breen, Paula Devine
and Lizanne Dowds (1996)

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ISBN 0 86281 593 2 Paperback 282pp

Published by:
Appletree Press Ltd.
19-21 Alfred Street

Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland
The Fifth Report, 1995-1996


The contributors
Richard Breen, Paula Devine and Lizanne Dowds
1. Public support for democratic values in Northern Ireland
Bernadette C. Hayes and Ian McAllister
2. Who wants a United Ireland? Constitutional preferences
among Catholics and Protestants
Richard Breen
3. Informal care in Northern Ireland
Eileen Evason and Gillian Robinson
4. Women and work
Janet Trewsdale and John Kremer
5. Race, ethnicity and prejudice in Northern Ireland
John D. Brewer and Lizanne Dowds
6. Satisfaction with health services in Northern Ireland
Ann Largey and Ciaran O'Neill
7. National identity
Karen Trew
8. Gender discrimination among married full-time employees
in Northern Ireland: some initial findings
John Spencer, Mary Trainor and Boyd Black
9. Community relations, equality and the future
Tony Gallagher
Appendix 1: Technical details of the survey
Alan McClelland
Appendix 2: Using NISA data
Appendix 3: The questionnaires

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