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Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland:
The Sixth Report
Edited by Lizanne Dowds, Paula Devine
and Richard Breen (1997)

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ISBN 0 86281 637 8 Paperback 292pp

Published by:
Appletree Press Ltd.
19-21 Alfred Street

Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland
The Sixth Report, 1996-1997


The Contributors
Lizanne Dowds, Paula Devine and Richard Breen
1. Attitudes to Education in Britain and Northern Ireland
Tony Gallagher
2.Attitudes to the Welfare System
Rick Wilford
3.Unleashing the Apathy of a Lost Generation? Community
Relations among Young People in Northern Ireland
Lizanne Dowds and Paula Devine
4. Attitudes to Illicit Drug Use in Northern Ireland
Edgar F. Jardine
5. Family, Friends and Neighbours
Marina Monteith and John Pinkerton
6. Class, Community Polarisation and Politics
Mary Duffy and Geoffrey Evans
7. Transport in Northern Ireland: Finding the Way forward?
Iain Bryson, Paula Devine and Lizanne Dowds
8. Economic Beliefs and Politics in Northern Ireland
Bernadette C. Hayes and Ian McAllister
9. Work, Marriage and Family: A Time of Change?
Gillian Robinson and Norma Heaton
Appendix 1: Technical Details of the Survey
…………….Alan McClelland
Appendix 2: Using Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey Data
Appendix 3: The Questionnaires

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