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Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland:
The Seventh Report
Edited by Gillian Robinson, Deirdre Heenan
Ann Marie Gray and Kate Thompson (1998)

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ISBN 1 84014 094 1 Hardback 208pp 35.00

Published by:
Ashgate Publishing Limited
Gower House
Croft Road
GU11 3HR

Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland
The Seventh Report, 1998


List of Tables
List of Figures
Gillian Robinson
1. Community Relations in Northern Ireland: Attitudes to Contact and Integration
Joanne Hughes and Paul Carmichael
2. The Growth of Home Ownership: Explanations and Implications
Deirdre Heenan
3. Attitudes to the Countryside
Sally Cook, Adrian Moore and Claire Guyer
4.Role of Government
Niall Ó Dochartaigh
5. Attitudes to the National Health Service in Northern Ireland
Ann Marie Gray
6. Attitudes to the Environment in Northern Ireland
Adrian Moore, Sally Cook and Claire Guyer
7. Belief and Trust in the Political Process
Martin Melaugh

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