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Politics: the next generation

The issues

Peace, safety, police reform, equality, drugs, Irish neutrality in EU, exclusion of working class, travellers, youth unemployment, unemployment, young people not involved in politics, gun laws should be more strict, housing, health. education, access, discrimination, political prisoners, decommissioning, aborlion clinics, family, student poverty, poverty, leisure opportunities, any issues on personal freedom, environmental issues, micro-economics, bill of rights, recycling politics for paper, glass, plastic etc, sustainable transport policies less emphasis on cars and subsidies for cyclists, trains and buses, demilitarisation, increased grants, equal rights for gingers, the treatment of women in our society - still, integrated education, economic, trade, job security, proper training schemes, drugs counselling in the schools, everything, youth to have more say in political decisions, further introduction of integration from nursery schools upward, corruption within politicians and political groups, more free places for the youth to go especially 16/17 years, for young people to be able to know more about politics, racism, cultural identity, what difference would my idea make? cross-community work, civil rights, third world, relationship with other members of the EU, how to get rid of a sleazy immoral, discredited deeply incompetent Tory government as soon as possible, the need to smash communism, the need to smash liberals, nuclear disarmament, deforestation, NHS welfare, taxes, regeneration and rural development, better public sector pay deals, play areas for children, testing things on animals, longer school holidays, drink, water privatisation, politicians too old, real jobs not schemes, fuel, community action groups, churches, moral issues, international relations.

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