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Politics: the next generation

The future (I)

I think there's more
that unites us all than
divides us.
I hope that we can all live
in peace, for at
this minute in time i don't
want to bring
my children into this
world with all the murder and violence.
That the problems of the north of
ireland are solved and peace
becomes part of everday life.
Politicians on both sides will
at least
move some degree so a
can be met.

My hopes for the future are that
the British pull out of Northern
Ireland and that
Ireland will be united and free so we
can all live in peace. RUC disbanded.
A united Ireland.
That the UK land and Ireland can
come to an agreement so we can
put the past behind us and
move on to a brighter future.
To see Ireland free from the
evil and corrupt hand of the
typical British scum. To see our friends
and relative who are inside
prisions releases our Prisoners of War'.
An eqalitarian and peacful
society inclusive of everything good/natural/human
in us all. A society which embodies
positive and negative freedom: a 32
county socialist totality, in Ireland.
Peace! have loads of cash.
Good job and peace.
I hope that there will be peace
in Ireland
The establishment of a 32
county Irish republic.
I hope the peace
lasts for a lasting settlement.
That we can start to work
together on the issues that
affect us.
I hope to see peace in Northern Ireland in
any shape or
and therefore young people will
be able to bring up their
children in a peaceful
Job, stuff like that.
As the majority of Northern
Ireland also hope, I would like peace
which was without threat
of a return to violence where
discrimmination of classification was abolished.
Permanent peace, ideally with
a consenting
pop. living in accordance with peace. Also a reversal
of the trends sweeping
Increased representation of protestant
working class.
To see politicians stepping
outside constitutional politics and
addressing more important economic
and social issues that affect
young people.
Peace in Northern Ireland, increase in student
Peace - a return to proper
left/right politics
An enlightenment among young
people to how they are being
manipulated and desire among
them to change that.

Return to ceasefire. Proper substantive dialogue
between all Northern Ireland parties and
governments greater tolerance and
accomodation of all communities.
Since the ceasefire has been called
off I am now determined to
leave the country and
with my son
so he doesn't have to be brought
up in all the hate and prejudices
surrounding us.
That Northern Ireland will become a safe
and happy place to live in. The bigotry, hatred and
prejudices which
have existed in our society will be quashed. Everyone,
of creed or political motivation will be treated
fairly and justly.
The future is looking more
promising, whether formally or informally both
catholics and protestant
are meeting etc but long way to go and to
Peace in ireland.
Lasting peace.
Peace and everyone getting along, not
caring what religion you are.
Peace no matter what the
decision made about who has government
in Northern Ireland. Let the people of Northern
Ireland decide
for themselves

A better understanding, tolerance.
Lasting peace continued
unity with mainland Britian
A complete peace process. More integrated Northern
A lasting peace.
Hard to say as sometimes
very bleak
hut my hope is an Ireland of peace, where people
can respect differences without
resorting to violence.
That problems can be resolved without a resumption
of violence.
There will not be a return
to violence and people will
forget about their difference by
looking instead at their similarities. I wish for a
peace in which both communities are
A lasting peace in Northern Ireland where people
of different religions and cultures who
have different beliefs may be treated
equally and live in
harmony together.

More public debate on normal'
political issues like
health etc.
I don't want to pay for water. My mum thinks food
and bread is
getting very dear now. I don't want united Ireland.
My mum doesn't want a
water meter. We were talking about
floridation in the
training centre and I
don't want it
in the water.
Unionist to engage
constructively with all the people
on the island.
There is some sort of
settlement to allow
us to get on with
normal living.
No violence.
I hope eventually that our two cultures
and identities can be
reconciled and that peace can
eventually be reached. I hope that the
younger generation becomes good MP's, not shackled
by old,
outdated rigid beliefs
and that compromise can become a key word for the
That people in our
country will be more interested in
personal and human
issues rather than impersonal idealogies.
That people will get
involved in politics and the present
apathy among young people
will be addressed.

Integrated education offers hope
for future, tolerance of the other
and understanding would hopefully appease
situation. Want to see labour and conservative politics
in Northern Ireland.
A good job
with prospects; that needs proper peace
settlement, can't deal with normal
politics if they are fighting over the system
of government.
A peaceful tranquil land where
everyone is happy. Further US intervention
would like ulster to maintain a link with britain, for
others, outside the political arena to fully understand
the situation. Most importantly for peace to last
to live in peace
Fuller cross community integration.
A form of government allowing
much greater involvment in their own affairs for
Northern Ireland
peoples. A solution by persuasion rather than
No united ireland.
Peaceful end to current
and past disagreements.
Politicians should strive to
be more pragmatic through talks and
discussion across the political
divides in Northern Ireland. I'd like to see
over the isue of Northern Ireland that the Bitish govt
remain as influential in the province but
share this responsibility with
Dublin especially in the light of the
increased relations between the two
in recent years.
That the sectarian issue would
somehow fade - i don't care
how it's resolved, and issues
of improving peoples lives
would come to the forefront.
Long lasting peace, with
reasonable amount of satisfaction
between the two communities.
Lasting peace is established in Northern Ireland.
I think catholic and protestants should
join together. They should also talk
to the youth about
Proper politics.
Avoid at all
a return to violence.
United Ireland.
That everyone will live
together in peace and
harmony. No religious divides between
communities. Total decommissioning of
arms before talks can take place.
That we still stay part of the UK and
that the IRA will give in all their weapons.
The ceasefire is still in action.
hope that we will be able to look
forward into the future
without concentrating
on past differences, into a
society where peace exists on a
permanent basis.
Continued peace, compromise must be reached,
respect opposing views.
Continued peace with compromise to make
the situation more stable.
Peace, Ulster to remain
part of UK.
How about a referendum/questionnaire
with questions for
the people of Northern Ireland to decide
about. As it seems the people of Northern Ireland
been bypassed on their future. I also wish to see
attention on us of Europe or perhaps over the world
A lasting peace, more
integrated schols. Religion not
automatically controlling
your political views. A
between governments.
Independent Ulster with joint
Both communities will be willing to
and not just go out
and out to win.

Peace, continue to be part
of the UK.
A peaceful (permanent) solution to the Northern
situation at present.
That the Northern Ireland situation may
be resolved peacefully. Also that the younger
generation may get a bigger
say in Northern Ireland politics.
That the situation in Northern Ireland may be
and be maintained.
That normality will return to Northern Ireland
and that violence is a thing
of the past so that politics is secular.
I hope that the youth of
today can ignore the bigotted
views of their parents and learn to
unite and that this is the only way forward for Northern Ireland.
For a united Ireland to be
achieved without excessive bloodshed
and for protestants and catholics to gain a respect
for one another and an understanding.
A positive move
forward in the peace process in Ireland. It is
time the politicians all
started to
peace, but I feel largely
disillusioned with the operation of the peace
process. This stems from the indisputable
fact that too many vested
interests exist on all sides and
unaccomodating politicians and the
absence of good
will on any side pervades. We
should hope that the future will be a longlasting
and in a situation where
we possess strong links with the Irish free state
a better
understanding of each other and our
United democratic republican Ireland, continuation
of peace.

A united Ireland
United Ireland, federal government
of ireland divided into 4 provinces with a
9 county Ulster avoiding
total discrimination 5 nationalists could be elected
and 4
unionists or vice versa 1 or 2 representatives
of each province could sit in the
federal government overseeing the problems of the whole land, achieving
enabling people to work together economically.
Northern Ireland should become
peaceful. I hope that trust will be
built up between the 2 communities and
there will not be so many differences over
petty issues which partys
seem to be dwelling on. religion should be seperated
from politics.
A peaceful ireland, only achieved
by equal
compromise on both sides of the
political divide. More access for young people to
become politically involved
and have their voice adhered to.
Less prejudice and spite
toward each other. A better understanding
of other people's views. Peace and
harmony and an end to the violence, but which
seems highly unlikely due to prejudice and bigotted
of some political leaders eg Paisley and Adams.
Peace and harmony, end to
the violence - punishment beatings
etc. Unlikely. All party talks idealistic,
such fundamental differences
between parties make these
discussions futile - no
compromise can possibly be reached
between present political representatives eg Paisley
and Adams.
That there is peace
in Northern Ireland, but not a
peace that means one side is
going to win and the other side
lose - it should be made via

i think more women should be
involved in politics, they have some sense.
That Northern Ireland politicians will
concentrate on the real issues.
Peace to last, no matter what option is chosen.

Lasting peace and a
government that takes more
heed of the people under it.

Continuation of Northern Ireland as part of UK, end
of paramilitary activities, maintenment of civil
and religious liberty available in Northern Ireland
as part of UK.

A United Ireland more money.
For all the fighting to stop and
to let us young
people to get on with their lives.
Peace and tolerance. Parity
of esteem between the two communities.
To leave Rathgael.
United Ireland

Can Mr Adams not see
that a United Ireland is economically unviable?
Peace in Northern Ireland where individuals
can accept and
recognise each other's traditions.
The politicians must not let this opportunity for peace
slip away.
I would like to get
involved in politics as I believe I
am very liberal in my ideas and
would make a
good politician.
Peace in Northern Ireland.
I don't want a united Ireland, but that is
not because of my religion, but rather for
political reasons. I honestly don't believe a
united ireland would be in the best
interests of Ulster.

That rave music will eventually
die off and
good old fashioned rock
will rule the world.
Peace harmony and love between
all people along with
justice for all.
That someday people will
be able to accept each
others different views and
opinions on various matters.
Peace in Northern Ireland.
Peace and a laying down
of arms for good.
That both sides lay down arms
no more
bombs and
That my children will grow
up in a peacful community.
Some sort of peace.
That a democracy may be
brought into Northern Ireland so once again a
may rule.
A peaceful one.
That a peaceful settlement can be
found in Northern Ireland that will hopefully reflect
the views of most
people and not leave a section
of the community totally
By some means Northern Ireland will
find some way of being a peaceful
province without
all the fighting and hatred
that there is
at the minute.
A lasting peace and somewhere religion and politics
little difference in the community. Hopefully someday
we will move away
from a divided community.
Peace and
understanding of peoples views. Respect
for each other no matter what.
I strongly hope for peace in Northern Ireland.
Like it to be peaceful stop the
bombing and shooting.
That the killing stops and that
the ceasefire is renewed.

I hope that it will stay British and not
Irish as there is so much trouble.
United Ireland.
I would like the ceasefire
to be brought back in and more
peace; to complete my schooling and go
to university and be a lawyer.
I would like to do all my
GCSE and then go to the tec and do
a course there and then go
to university.
Ceasefire to be brought back again.
I hope that the ceasefire will be
come in order again.
That paramilitaries from both
sides realise that we're fed up
to the back teeth of their
messing about.
If the political
situation doesn't change
there won't
be a future.
To see the peace
process continue and peace
through out Northern Ireland.
I would like to get more
involved in politics, especially
as a woman.
Peace and happines for everyone.
Career, marriage, family - best
possible opportunities for my family.
I'll probably leave
the country! peace!
No threat
of bombs
and plenty of inward investment
and no fear of anywhere
A decent government
who had the sense
to realise that it's
their fault Northern Ireland is in the situation it is.
Or at
least a govt that can govern.
Peace in Northern Ireland no united Ireland but
stay part of
Great Britain.
To see a united Ireland with both catholics and
That our island is
free of violence and that it is
able to flourish and develop to its
full potential eg tourism industry. That I
will be proud to remain in Northern Ireland and make
my future within it.
That the peace process returns
sooner rather than later.
My hopes for
the future are very clear, Northern Ireland is a
beautiful country with
an abundance of potential for
it's future and for
the young people of this land which
should not be put to the side.
One of the most important issues
Send the IRA packing back
to where they belong in Ireland. Send in the SAS
the only language the men of violence
understand is violence.
That all religions can live
together peacefullly. And peace
from bombs on mainland England and Ulster.
The youth is to be more involved in
everything. It is our future
so why can we have a say.
Youth will be listened to more
A peaceful end.
Peace on acceptable terms
to both sides of the sectarian
Full solution.
Peace in Northern Ireland, the world. Understanding
respect for one another.
Peace in Northern Ireland.
Young people can
have a greater say in how the country is run.
To have a nice house, good
job, good
pay respectable family, no problems.
Peace will last
and terrorists will wise up.
Peace in Northern Ireland.

Peaces process will continue, grow
in strength and be very successful.
I feel that all
parties should take the issues
on board of the youth as it is
they who are the future and is
them who have to rectify the
mistakes of the elder generations.
A stable peace which involves
on both sides of the community - we need
to be sorry, truly sorry for the
past before we can more forward.
Peace freedom
of religion, not being
classed as catholic or protestant - just individuals.
peace wil continue in ni
Peace - I hope to have
children and to be able to bring
them up in peace. I don't want to be known as catholic/protestant.
I want to be known as a christian.
That peace proces will
move forward and
fear removed from the
community and
communities would have their
views aired more.
Permanent peace.
None because politicians don't know their arse
from their elbow.
That the IRA will go
away and Northern Ireland will be left alone and we
will either still be under British rule or Northern
Ireland will
become an independent country.
Peace, a fair justice
and governmental system.
Peace! the meat
trade will resume to normal.
That a
compromise situation is reached
so that all groups in Northern Ireland
can live together amicably.
Attitudes in older
people need to be
changed. No matter what
happens one side or other will
not be happy and will
continue to fight for what they want.
A bit of peace for once.
A peaceful place to live.
Peace it can only be
realistically achieved via
and justice.
That people can put
social and religious
differences into context and learn
to live in tolerance of each other.
A lasting peace in Northern Ireland. Gov and unionist
to wise
up and get immediate dialogue
involving all party groups going in the
event of an IRA ceasefire.
part of the union.
Disarmament, improvement
of the environment,
world peace and
Peace in the northern 6
counties, that people in the south will take
an interest in their country and that they won't let us
come voting day 32 county
British withdrawal, cultural
tolerance amongst all diverse
groups in Ireland, working class
control of national destiny.
To see peace last longer than 18 mths. In order
to do so all parties have
to forget about the past and get
around the discussion table - the sooner
the better.
Democratic peace.
To be able to feel
at ease in any part of Belfast. Peace, but with
That some sort of
can be reached. That violence
I think there should be
peace again.
Peace in the world, especially
in Northern Ireland so our generation don't
have to fight.
Northern Ireland will remain a
part of Britian.
That the 2
communities in Northern Ireland aided by the 2
governments will be able to reach a modus
vivendi that
includes responsibility
sharing, some elements of joint authority, and a
realisation that closer EU
integration is vitally
important for all our futures.

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