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Politics: the next generation

The future (II)

IRA ceasefire and all party talks.
Peace in our country.
Clear agreement made
between parties, stable
peace, social
issues addressed, confusion
between religion and
politics totally
If the
majority of people in Northern Ireland vote to stay
with Britian, then SF etc should
accept this. When the minority becomes
the majority and people
vote to join Eire, then the unionists should
equally accept the feelings of the majority.
A referendum should be
called so the people of Ireland can
decide what
they want and not let
guns and arms divide. How many
more people have to die?
All parties will talk and will be able to reach
a lasting peace
through which our generation and
generations after us will be
able to live in harmony.
Peace and all party talks perhaps leading to
an election.
Peace in Ireland.
Ceasefire holding, paramilitaries
I hope that Northern Ireland will
remain part
of Britian who hopefully
will not give up on the people. I cannot see a
solution that will please
everyone, but i hope that some
sort of agreement can be reached
Full integration for all into
the UK.
I hope to see a strong
line being adopted
against terrorists particularly republican), I
believe a 'shoot to kill'
policy should be introduced
and appeasment and
concessions to
republicans by english politicians
should cease.

That Crusaders win the 1996 league championship,
the IRA are defeated in a military sense, having no
chance to call another phoney and
strategic ceasefire.
Destruction of nation states
and a world
wide government.
A federal communist state would
be ideal but
will do for the minute.
I would like to see
a settlement that will include the
wishes of everybody.
Proper student funding, more college
places in Ireland, a lasting
peace, Celtic
to win the European Cup.
That there will be peace.
I would like to see
That there is give
and take
between political parties.
Permanent peace in Northern Ireland full-time
career in
That there will be peace
Employment, youth rights and

Complete peace.
Permanent cessation of violence people lose
their biased
Lasting peace better cross
community relations.
That Northern Ireland can
become an example of how
to properly solve and
that people here are recognised for the hard work they'd
been involved in to help with the
political situation.
That peace will be accomplished.
Northern Ireland to have a
lasting peace
Find a solution.
Real democracy - not
that that will ever happen!
Peace. If ireland can give better than Britain then
all Ireland, but until then, no
That we can finally come to
an agreement about the
situation in Northern Ireland that will
lead to a
peaceful settlement.
That the unionist grassroots
will force, through private or public pressure, the
unionist leadership to enter talks, and to
do so with the intention
of achieving
with nationalists, instead of their
never ending
The day when everyone in
Ireland can integrate and unite, and when
this country can have a more trusting
relationship with our neighbours
across the water.
That everyone talks
to everyone and not just a select few.
Peace; more money for students, we are the
future how are we supposed
to run the country properly if
we are not
educated properly. If we have no
money we can't support ourselves in
university especially if our parents are
working class and struggling.
That violence will be
abandoned forever; that a fair
agreement can be reached through
between both standpoints; that both
communities will respect the others
A satisfactory
conclusion to the peace
process. Give and take required
by all sides.
That all party talks will happen
Peace in Northern Ireland.
A peace that is lasting
and can be felt throughout
the country.
People in Northern Ireland will
forget about blaming other
people and demanding
talks - before talks everyone will
learn how to listen to
each other and learn
from what others say not
simply have their own
opinion that they
stick to.
End to violence and segregration
equal opportunities.
That the troubles will be
restored and the majority
of people will be happy.
That a lasting peace not just a
ceasefire is established.
For the politicians to talk together
and try to help resolve the
problems faced so the
future is
for not only me but my

That we will have peace in our great
A just and lasting settlement.
Peace, nothing more, nothing less.
I do hope the process starts up again and works this time for the sake
of my future and if I
have a family of my own,
their future.
We will get our point across.
All political parties integrating and
instead of passing the
buck all the time, also to stop
dwelling on their disagreements and
focus on agreements.
I would like to see peace between both
sides of the community. I would like to see younger
politicians becoming
involved in the political process and
representing more accurately the views of young people.
That everything will get
I hope that we will have a peace
to stay and that people will be
free from the threat or use
of violence of any kind and that it will
come soon.
That peace can be resolved
and we can bring the two
communities together.
To be more involved
I would hope that Northern Ireland
would remain part of
as we appear to be better off.
Troubles will end once
and for all.
Peace love and unity.
Integration and understanding.
Ceasefire to be renewed and this
time to be permanent.
Peace for Northern Ireland.
I hope that in the future peace
will be declared.
Peace, better
understanding of others; for the
government to wise up
and employ politicians who
don't use others as
If left to the
politicians - bleak. If 90%
or more of the electorate
vote on upcoming issues then maybe
not so bad.
I would hope that Ireland
would have peace throughout
and all terrorists would piss
off and leave us
alone to get on with our
lives as they are not needed to make up our minds for
Ulster will become an independent state
I hope that young people
have a
chance of speaking
for themselves in
the future.
That the fighting
will stop and that
there will be peace in future.
I hope Gerry Adams is
shot and their is peace in Northern Ireland.
Decommissioning of all paramilitary

I hope that all
walks of life can live
together in peace.
When raising
my children I hope they don't go the same
way as I did.
I hope there will be peace
in the whole of Northern Ireland.
For all the violence to
stop such as paramilitary
To live in a peaceful
country and
to work
in a
clothing factory.
Peace and to learn
more about
I hope we can reach
some common ground with
the other side, I
hope that the ceasefire can
be reinstated without
compromising our
system of justice.
Peace, Northern Ireland with its own government
ruling itself.
A better life. Peace.
I hope that there will be a united
Ireland in the
coming future
That the people in Northern Ireland will
be able to work and live
with one another in happiness and
not be afraid to walk the streets
where we live.
That both sides
of the community could
live as one.
Yes for peace
and for both communities to
in with
each other and I
believe eventually there will become an all
ireland and the unionist are
going to have to face up to that
sooner or later.
That one day we'll have a united Ireland, that
we will have peace
and not wondering who's going
to be killed
I hope in the future that Northern Ireland becomes
of Ireland and not
Britain and there is peace in both
In the future, I would
like to see everyone living
together no matter
what they are.
The world becomes
a better place.
That there will be peace in people's
hearts and in this country and
all over the world.
Peace - where both
communities can live
together. A country where
all people are treated equally and the
emphasis is no longer on religion.
I hope that the ceasefire is re-instated
on both sides. Fall in
Peace in Northern Ireland
Peace in Ireland and
Peace. I'd like to get good GCSEs and go to art
college after A
Make it a better country.
That all or most communities can
be friends with our having so
much conflict
with one another.
Peace. I don't want the
politicians to keep
A vet if I worked hard
enough; peace.
Peace in Northern Ireland. Why can't they all
agree to sit down and talk about it? Talking never
Leave school.
A ceasefire. We can't
make progress if we don't have sinn
fein aboard.
I'd like to
see a proper end to
all our problems. I'd like the
politicians to listen to the
people more and
stop fighting all
the time instead of talking.
sort of normal life here. I don't want
to go away to
university or get a job. I like it in
Northern Ireland if only we could
have peace all
the time. Peace.
I hope to go to
university I hope there won't
be any more trouble in Northern Ireland.
I would like a job when I
leave school; not many of my friends
have a job.
Peace. I'd like not
to have all the troubles back.
To involve young
people in politics.
My hopes for the future is
that there is an end to
the troubles! for ever.

I hope that people will
be left to live in
peace regardless of
colour, religion, etc, and for people to
be free to be what they want and not
be influenced by
I hope that in
the future
Northern Ireland can come to some
sort of agreement to stop
the troubles and keep
the peace.
I hope we do not have another 25
years of the troubles and that there's no
more people killed by
bombs or
I hope that politicians will
come to some
sort of agreement for the
situation as everyone
wants peace.
I would like a
car, a house
and to live in Ireland because I
like supporting Ireland in
I think that the training
allowance is not high enough.
It would help me
to work
For fighting and killing to
stop and let us people live
our lives and let our children live
their lives.
There is unfortunately very
little if any hope. The situation will
continue to
Peace and power to
the people.
A quiet life.
I hope that there would be
a permanent ceasefire and for the violence to
Build some things around Northern Ireland for the
to do at night instead
of drugs.
Peace more
talking. We need to know more
about this
stuff at school [politics].
Peace total peace.
More integrated
For Northern Ireland to stay British but to also
live in peace.
That the troubles clear
up because if it
doesn't there will be some
killing in the next
25 years at least.
That Northern Ireland will be kept part
of Britain.
I hope that we will stay being
run by the British and not
the Irish.
Peace in Northern Ireland.
Peace and forgiveness for
all, as every one is
I want to see peace after all
the troubles. Try and get
everyone to work as one for
a better community to
live in.
I would like to see peace in
Ireland for all the shootings and
bombings to stop. It isn't even safe
walking to the shop.
I would like to see peace in
Ireland and for all the fighting
to stop.
Peace and prosperity with
opportunities for young
people in
employment and
Peace in Northern Ireland.
That the problems can
be solved and that the
minority can stop
dictating to the
That the ceasefire will start
I hope that there will be
peace in Northern Ireland.
A job.
That the peace
process will come through and
another ceasefire by the IRA will
soon be anounced.
I hope that we get a united Ireland and that the
government get out.
My hopes would be that there would be
peace in the near
Peace in Northern Ireland
Peace Northern Ireland and everyone lives
More jobs.
To see peace.
I hope Northern Ireland will be a normal country in
future with out any
To see peace throughout Northern Ireland.
I hope that there will be
peace for my
children growing
All we want in the end is
peace and not a united
That we get a united Ireland and that
the British government get out.
I hope that there can be
a lasting peace where
religion still exists but does
not cause friction that it does now.
I hope that peace continues and
unemployment level
fall, with peace tourist
levels will rise and ni will be a richer
and better
place to live.
Peace in Northern Ireland, better
I believe that peace is very important for
the people of the province, there
is also a need for better
Like most people hope peace will come to
Ulster and that the terrorists
listen to the vast
majority of people in the uk and Ireland and lay
down their
I hope that the so
called fighters for peace
ie the politicians stop
fighting over silly words in documents
and stop demand
clarification. Instead they
should ask the common
folk what should
be done for ourselves.
For peace.
No peace talks because
we want our country back.
That all people could get
on together and be at
Peace, job.

That people forget what
has happened and get
on with talkin', with all parties
involved committed to a peaceful solution to our
problems. No
body has anything to
lose with talking every
body has every
thing to lose by not
Health happiness and a job.
would hope to get my
nvq level
2 in joinery and
become a full time
That all politicians can sit
down and come
to agreement on the
ceasfire because at the
minute you can not live in peace.
That the IRA and UVF would wise
up on their cowardly acts, for if
they were meated out the same
as they gave, their recruits would soon disappear (do
like the spanish did to the basque terrorists).
Compromise reached
by both sides of the
community, peace for Northern Ireland.
Politics and religions become
Peace. Stop seeing each
other as catholic and
protestant but as people.
I would like to have peace
back in our country again.
That peace can
be settled in some
way, but I still would like a united
I hope there will be peace.

I hope in the future there will be peace
for good.
Political settlement increase in
No more fighting peace
in Ireland for us to be united with the Republic
of Ireland.
Hope the ceasefire starts
up again and all
the trouble in Northern Ireland will stop.
At the minute I can't see one.
Good employment conditions research and development
jobs. Education and welfare system that
benefits all.
My hopes for the future would
be to belong
to a more peaceful environment where
people can get on well together.
I would like to see all the
trouble in Northern lreland to stop and
for all miltery armys to leave
and to let Ireland
be on its own.
I hope that in Northern Ireland people will learn
to overcome their predjudices, to love
and to accept people
the way they are, knowing
that we all have a right to our opinion. Through this I
would hope that the politicians would
talk, people wouldn't be scared
to voice
their opinons
and we could live in peace.
Peace no war
Resumption to peace and
That we get rid of all the useless
politician and annoying bigots who
piss me off.
The political parties are absolutely
useless in representing the
electorate for socially
oriented problems. They focus/are obsessed with
one issue and are always bogged
down with petty details. They refuse
to give any ground and there
fore will never reach a
That we may all be open
to change and the potential
of something 'different' whether that involves
or not.
Learn to live
together. Respecting each
others cultures and using them to our advantage by
learning from each other.
A peaceful Nothern Ireland within
the United Kingdom where
everyone can respect each
others identity.
Integration with all
members in society, all communities, all able-bodied
disabled etc. To accept people as
they are.

That we'll get our act
together and get things
sorted out.
It can't get any worse can it'?
I feel
sorry for all those who have lost
relatives and friends during the troubes but I
personally don't
feel affected living
in bangor, I feel I am more distant
to these issues.
That the politicians wise
up and catch
themselves on. And pray that Mr Major grows
a backbone.
Peace. British and Irish governments to
stop being such stubborn headstrong
bastards, and think about the people and quit
seeking, neither gov wants to back
down so we're stuck in the
To create a society where people
can trust each other and
have tolerance
for different views. That has
to be worked at by all people. It
needs to be
taught in schools. It's too late
when you get older; all the
prejudices are in

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