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Parades Commission Press Release, 17 June 2005

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Text: Parades Commission

Parades Commission Press Release, 17 June 2005

The Parades Commission acknowledges the concerns that all who are involved in the parading issues currently have in the completion of the 11/1 application forms. These concerns haven intensified since the legislation has been amended to bring supporters into the framework of the legislation.

There are areas of concern as to the implementation of the legislation and that is why the Parades Commission has been intent on following the legal advice it has received in order to comply with the intentions of the United Kingdom Parliament.

Nevertheless, with the onset of the parading season and with its intensity now upon us, the Commission is determined to do its part to minimise contention and therefore to use as much flexibility as the legislation allows to ensure that the season passes off peaceably. To that end, the Commission will whenever possible make determinations on those few contentious parades where it is involved.

To do otherwise would be doing a disservice to those who want to enjoy their summer peaceably.


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