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Northern Ireland Assembly - List of Members by Surname (2007)

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List of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (2007)

The following is a list (in alphabetical order) of the 108 members elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly, following the Assembly elections on 7 March 2007.

Member Party
Gerry Adams MP (Party Leader) SF
Martina Anderson SF
Billy Armstrong UUP
Alex Attwood SDLP
Roy Beggs UUP
Cathal Boylan SF
Dominic Bradley SDLP
Mary Bradley SDLP
PJ Bradley SDLP
Micky Brady SF
Allan Bresland DUP
Francie Brolly SF
Wallce Browne (Lord) DUP
Thomas Buchanan DUP
Thomas Burns SDLP
David Burnside UUP
Paul Butler SF
Gregory Campbell MP DUP
Trevor Clarke DUP
Willie Clarke SF
Fred Cobain UUP
Robert Coulter UUP
Jonathan Craig DUP
Leslie Cree UUP
John Dallat SDLP
George Dawson DUP
Kieran Deeny Independent
Nigel Dodds MP DUP
Pat Doherty MP SF
Jeffrey Donaldson MP DUP
Mark Durkan MP (Party Leader) SDLP
Alex Easton DUP
Tom Elliott UUP
Reg Empey (Party Leader) UUP
Stephen Farry APNI
David Ford (Party Leader) APNI
Arlene Foster DUP
Tommy Gallagher SDLP
Sam Gardiner UUP
Michelle Gildernew MP SF
Simon Hamilton DUP
Carmel Hanna SDLP
William Hay DUP
David Hilditch DUP
William Irwin DUP
Dolores Kelly SDLP
Gerry Kelly SF
Danny Kennedy UUP
Anna Lo APNI
Naomi Long APNI
Trevor Lunn APNI
Alban Maginness SDLP
Alex Maskey SF
Paul Maskey SF
John McCallister UUP
Fra McCann SF
Jennifer McCann SF
Kieran McCarthy APNI
Raymond McCartney SF
Nelson McCausland DUP
David McClarty UUP
Basil McCrea UUP
Ian McCrea DUP
William McCrea MP DUP
Alaisdair McDonnell MP SDLP
Barry McElduff SF
Alan McFarland UUP
Claire McGill SF
Michael McGimpsey UUP
Patsy McGlone SDLP
Martin McGuinness MP SF
Gerry McHugh SF
Michelle McIlveen DUP
Daithi McKay SF
Mitchel McLaughlin SF
David McNarry UUP
Adrian McQuillan DUP
Francie Molloy SF
Maurice Morrow (Lord) DUP
Stepen Moutray DUP
Connor Murphy MP SF
Sean Neeson APNI
Robin Newton DUP
Caral Ni Chiulin SF
John O'Dowd SF
Declan O'Loan SDLP
Michelle O'Neill SF
Ian Paisley MP (Party Leader) DUP
Ian Paisley junior DUP
Edwin Poots DUP
Dawn Purvis (Party Leader) PUP
Pat Ramsey SDLP
Sue Ramsey SF
Margaret Ritchie SDLP
George Robinson DUP
Iris Robinson MP DUP
Ken Robinson UUP
Peter Robinson MP DUP
Caitriona Ruane SF
George Savage UUP
Jim Shannon DUP
David Simpson DUP
Jimmy Spratt DUP
Mervyn Storey DUP
Peter Weir DUP
Jim Wells DUP
Brian Wilson Green Party
Sammy Wilson MP DUP


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