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Statement by Dolores Kelly (SDLP) on the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Report, (23 May 2011)

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Text: Dolores Kelly... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Dolores Kelly, then Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) MLA for Upper Bann, on the publication of the Report into the death of Rosemary Nelson, (23 May 2011)


"It confirms what we already knew she wasn't protected by those who had a moral and statutory duty to protect her.

This report very clearly sets out what many people in the Lurgan community and Craigavon and further afield already knew - state agencies and the RUC and the NIO failed to adequately protect Rosemary Nelson. They key question for everyone today is if Rosemary Nelson had been adequately protected would she be alive today?

The conclusion that any reasonable person would come to is 'yes' she would still be alive today.

Nuala O'Loan has in the past defined collusion as the admission of information.

The secretary of state said he didn't know whether if a proper public threat assessment had been carried out or personal protection systems had been put in place would Rosemary have accepted them. It's very clear to any observer that she would have accepted and adequately protected herself and her family from the threat of murder.

I welcome today's report; it's a damning report despite the Secretary of State's attempt to gloss over it regarding the state agencies, the RUC and the NIO. Further questions are inevitable.

I personally will be taking up details around this report with the Justice Minister and those who have the responsibility of the protection of all the citizens."


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