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Statement by John O'Dowd (SF) on the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Report, (23 May 2011)

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Text: John O'Dowd... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by John O'Dowd, then Sinn Fein (SF) MLA for Upper Bann, on the publication of the Report into the death of Rosemary Nelson, (23 May 2011)


" This is a lengthy report and we will take time to study it in detail. However the evidence uncovered by the Inquiry will make uncomfortable reading for the British State. The State failed to protect Rosemary. Intelligence leaked from the RUC. The Special Branch failed to co-operate in the investigation. Members of the RUC assaulted and threatened Rosemary. Nobody has ever been held to account for the murder.

What is clear on an initial reading is that the evidence uncovered by the Inquiry team does not match its conclusions in terms of collusion.

Nationalists in Lurgan, Portadown or Craigavon do not buy the 'bad apple' argument. The findings of this report point clearly at collusion. No amount of disgraceful spinning by Owen Patterson will alter that reality.

The publication of the report today into the murder of Rosemary Nelson would never have happened had it not been for the tireless campaigning by Rosemary's family, and I pay tribute to them today and offer them our continuing support and solidarity."


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