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portfolio 8 - photograph 42
© Copyright Eamon Melaugh
portfolio 8 page 3
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Title: 'Stoning the Army' [No.F8P42]
Description: Following 'Operation Motorman' British Army patrols became a feature of life in the former 'no-go' areas of the Creggan and the Bogside. The young boy on the left is throwing a stone at a British Army Saracen armoured vehicle. A younger child is watching the scene and a French press photographer is kneeling on the right taking shelter. The stone was unlikely to do more than irritate the soldiers inside the vehicle but the young boy was risking being shot by a rubber (later plastic) baton round.
Photographer: Eamon Melaugh
Date Taken: 1 August 1972
Location: Central Drive, Creggan, Derry
Copyright: © Eamon Melaugh

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