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Free Derry Corner
"What does Free Derry Corner mean to you?"

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Text: Adrian Kerr
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"What does Free Derry Corner mean to you?"

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1970 2000

On 5 January 1969 the words "You Are Now Entering Free Derry" were painted on the gable wall of a terraced house in the Bogside in Derry. Then just an individual’s act of defiance, the slogan, and the wall, have now become an internationally recognised symbol of resistance.

Now, following on from the very successful ‘Freedom’s Wall’ exhibition launched as part of this year’s Bloody Sunday Commemoration, Derry book publishers Guildhall Press, the Bloody Sunday Trust, and the Rossville Historical Society, are producing a major photographic record of the wall.

Alongside the photographs the book will contain a wide range of national and international opinion on the wall, and the publishers are appealing for anyone who feels they have something to say about Free Derry Corner to get in touch with them.

To submit your opinion simply e-mail Guildhall Press [e-mail:] with your name and address and answer the question "What does Free Derry Corner mean to you?" in around 60 words.

Due to space restraints the publishers cannot guarantee that all submissions will be included.

Adrian Kerr
Guildhall Press

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