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The results of the annual June Agricultural Census in Northern Ireland are published in a series of data sets. These provide details of the areas of each crop grown, numbers of different categories of livestock and the numbers of persons employed in agriculture for (a) District Council areas, (b) Rural Districts and Counties and (c) Less Favoured Areas. Other sets include analyses of (d) the Structure of Farms (type and size of business) and (e) the Structure of Individual Enterprises (dairy herds, crop areas, etc.). The results of the annual December sample survey, which covers all farm types, and the April and August pig surveys are also published. (The pig survey results are available free on request.)

Published by: Economics and Statistics Division (ESD), DANI
Available from: ESD (Farm Census Branch)
Annexe B
Dundonald House
Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
Latest edition: 1993
Price: 5.00 per set or 20.00 for all sets

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