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Information on school leavers is collected by the Department of Education by way of an annual survey of all grammar and secondary schools. The bulletin provides information on the qualifications ('A' levels, GCSEs and other qualifications) of male and female school leavers; the 'A' level subject choice (arts, science and mixed) of male and female school leavers; and the destination of school leavers (Institutions of Higher Education, Institutions of Further Education, other destinations and destination unknown). The 1990/91 bulletin includes an analysis of qualifications, 'A' level subject choice and destination according to religion (Catholic and Protestant as defined by management type).

Published by: Department of Education for NI

Available from: Department of Education
Statistics Branch
Rathgael House
Balloo Road, Bangor
Co. Down
BT19 2PR

Latest edition: 1990/91 Price: Free

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