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The LFS is a sample survey and is conducted annually in the spring of each year in all member states of the European Community. The main purpose of the survey is to obtain comparable data on the characteristics of the workforce in each country and region of the EC. The sample of addresses for LFS is obtained from the Rating Valuation lists for Northern Ireland. A random sample of approximately one per cent of domestic properties (5,200 addresses) is chosen from the lists, and interviews conducted by interviewers employed by Statistics and Social Division, PPRU, Department of Finance and Personnel. At each address LFS interviewers collect information on the economic status and activity of all residents aged 16 and over during the week ending Sunday prior to the date of interview (termed the reference week). Information on household size and composition is also recorded for each address.

Published by: Statistics Branch, Department of Economic Development

Available from: Statistics Branch
Department of Economic Development
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Latest edition: Spring 1993 - Annual Price: Free

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