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Results from the Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey (FES) are regularly reported in the PPRU Monitor. FES has been carried out in Northern Ireland annually since 1967, with a representative sample of private households selected to take part. Although it is primarily an expenditure survey, information is also collected on the characteristics of responding households and the income of their members. Details of regular payments are recorded, and an itemised diary of expenditure covering 14 consecutive days is completed by each household member aged 16 or over. The Monitor includes details of household characteristics, average total weekly household income and expenditure, sources of income, and the average weekly amount spent on each type of commodity or service.

Published by: Policy Planning and Research Unit (PPRU), Department of Finance and Personnel Available from: Central Survey Unit
Department of Finance and Personnel
Londonderry House
21-27 Chichester Street, Belfast
Date published: October 1992, containing results for 1987-1990

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