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DRINKING HABITS IN NORTHERN IRELAND 1987-1989 (PPRU Occasional Paper No. 22)

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DRINKING HABITS IN NORTHERN IRELAND 1987-1989 (PPRU Occasional Paper No. 22)

Surveys were carried out in Northern Ireland in 1987 and again in 1989 to monitor the effect of changes in legislation on drinking habits. Almost 2,000 people, aged 18 or over, were interviewed in each of the years. The core of the questionnaire which was used was a drinking diary, in which respondents who were drinkers were asked to recall how much of each type of alcohol they had drunk in the previous week, as well as where and when this was consumed. It was found that two-thirds of adults were drinkers, and about half of them had a drink at least once a week. The average amount of alcohol consumed decreased between 1987 and 1989, and legislation allowing Sunday opening of public houses did not affect substantially the overall amount of alcohol consumed.

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