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Inland Revenue Statistics is an edited selection of the very wide variety of data collected by departmental offices administering the various taxes. The publication starts with a general section giving broad aggregates of receipts, numbers of taxpayers and costs of allowances and reliefs for the taxes administered by the department. The following areas are then covered, at a UK level: Survey of Personal Incomes, income from employment (PAYE), taxable benefits and expenses payments, mortgage interest relief, employee share schemes and occupational pension schemes, business expansion schemes, PEP's and TESSA's, charities, corporate taxation, inheritance tax/capital transfer tax, distribution of personal wealth, capital gains tax and stamp duties. Regional data on sources of personal income and distribution of personal income are also included.

Published by: HMSO

Available from: HMSO Bookshop
16 Arthur Street, Belfast

Latest edition: 1993 Price: 20.00

ISBN: 0 11 641414 6

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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
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