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Drawing Support: Murals in the North of Ireland
Loyalist Mural - Military Images

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Text and Photograph: Bill Rolston ... Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna


UVF volunteers in action with automatic weapons.

Flag of UVF, Ulster Volunteer Force. Refers to first UVF, founded 1912 to oppose home rule for Ireland, later immersed in the British Army during World War 1 as the Ulster Division. The current UVF was formed in 1966. The slogan alongside the paramilitaries states that the UVF have the right to strike at republican targets, but the difficulty is identifying such targets. Consequently, loyalist paramilitary groups have killed 911 of the 3,285 people killed in the conflict between 1969 and the end of 1993. Of these, 28 were republican activists, 32 were nationalist or republican political activists, 714 were civilians (of whom 43 were killed in the Irish Republic).

Location and Date
Ohio Street, Belfast, 1985

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