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Drawing Support: Murals in the North of Ireland
Republican Mural - Hunger Strike

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Text and Photograph: Bill Rolston ... Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna


Bust of Bobby Sands.

Mural painted in commemoration of the republican hunger strike, 1981, in Long Kesh prison, near Lisburn, 10 miles from Belfast. Republican prisoners (and loyalists) had had political status until 1976, allowing them to avoid prison work, wear their own clothes, and maintain their own military command structure in the prisoner. That status was withdrawn, and the republican prisoners engaged in a long process of non-cooperation, which included both the refusal to wear uniforms (they dressed only in towels or blankets), and a no-wash protest. Bobby Sands was the Officer Commanding the Republican prisoners, and was the first of ten hunger strikers to die in 1981 in an attempt to have political status returned. The quotation in the mural is from Sands' own writings.

Location and Date
Sevastopol Street & Falls Road, Belfast, 1990

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