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Contemporary Murals in Northern Ireland
- Loyalist Tradition

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Text and Photograph: Bill Rolston ... Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna

Loyalist Tradition: Figure 4

UFF Mural

One particularly graphic Ulster Freedom Fighters’ (UFF) mural, painted in 1997 in Bonds Street, Derry, uses an image copied from an Iron Maiden album cover. An avenging death figure moves among the bodies of dead nationalists, with a view of the war-ravaged republican Bogside area of Derry in the background. The slogan above the mural (not shown here) read: ‘There must be no retirement. With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause, each one of us must fight on to the end. We determine the guilty, we decide the punishment’.

Location and Date: Bonds Street, Derry, 1997

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