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Research and Community Relations in Northern Ireland
Directory of Research Projects funded by the Physical and Social Environment Subprogramme (1994-1999)

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Production of this Directory has been made possible due to financial assistance from the European Union’s Physical and Social Environment Sub-Programme (PSEP II).

Thanks are also due the project staff who took the time to forward their submissions and to CCRU staff responsible for the collation of the information: Gerard Willis and Mary Moorehead.

Fiona Bloomer
Senior Research Officer, CCRU

30 November 1999


This Directory contains details of all research projects funded from 1994 to 1999 under the Community Relations Measure of the Physical and Social Environment Sub-Programme (PSEP II). The information on each project has been provided by project staff, and includes a description of how they spent their funding from PSEPII as well as contact names and addresses for further information.

The Directory has been produced to facilitate the dissemination of research findings funded under PSEPII in conjunction with a one day conference on 9 December 1999.

A copy of the directory can also be found on CCRU’s web site:

Central Community Relations Unit
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Attitudes to Higher Education

Coming Out of Violence

Communication and Relational Development Between Young Adult Catholics and Protestants (Disclosure)

CR Training Audit

Cost of the Troubles

Counteract Research Unit

Cross Community Contact In The Workplace

Dimensions Of Social Identity

EMU and CH Publications Project

Emotional Aspects of Inter-group Interaction


Integrated Social Housing

Integration and Division

Parity of Esteem and Pluralism


Qualitative Aspects of Cross Community Contact

Reconciling Life and Work - Experiences of Equity, Diversity and Interdependence

Roots of Sectarianism

Templegrove Action Research - Segregation in Derry

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