Left Like This...

There are many people in Northern Ireland who have been left maimed and injured in the Troubles.

They all went out to the prison.
There was four of them
and as they were crossing the road they
saw nothing.

They were actually checking their pay.
They were going over to have a meal in
the Wagon Wheel.
She thought she heard a noise,
and she felt the pain in her finger.
She slid straight down to the ground.

She said it was like going in slow motion
and when she went down to the ground
the other girl she went to sit up
and she says "they're shooting".
"Lie down, they'll think we're dead"
and the other girl,
she was standing up...
And they threw the grenade...

Other extracts include: a former Republican paramilitary who was shot and paralysed by members of his organisation; now in a wheelchair as a result.  A man from Belfast who was severely injured in a bomb explosion whilst imprisoned on a non Troubles-related charge.  A man who developed diabetes as a child as a result of the trauma of losing his family home to sectarian violence in the 1970s.

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