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List of Discussion Papers

Media and Intrastate Conflict in Northern Ireland
A paper commissioned by the European Institute for the Media (July 1997)

Making 'consent' mutual
An exploration of the 'consent principle' in Northern Ireland (October 1997)

Making democracy work
A paper commissioned by the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (February 1998)

Economic governance - international experiences: a new direction for Northern Ireland
A paper commissioned by the Confederation of British Industry Northern Ireland (March 1998)

Two-tiered policing - a middle way for Northern Ireland?
An international model which could offer a way beyond a polarised debate (March 1998)

Elections in Northern Ireland - systems for stability and success
A look at options for elections to the Assembly to assist a gender balance (April 1998)

Irish nationalisms in perspective
Torkel Opsahl memorial lecture by Prof Fred Halliday of LSE (May 1998)

The Civic Forum - a consultation document from New Agenda
A discussion, derived from a civil society network, of the role of the Civic Forum (August 1998)

Reinventing government - a once-only opportunity
Proposals for holistic government and a departmental shake-up (August 1998)

Scotland's parliament - lessons for Northern Ireland
A cautionary story of the devolution debate in Scotland (September 1998)

The Civic Forum and Negotiated Governance
The Civic Forum's potential contribution to the culture and practice of politics (September 1999)

Beyond either/or: the politics of 'and' in ethno-nationalist conflicts
An attempt to set out a paradigm for the new millennium (September 1999)

Making a difference: preparing the Programme for Government
How the Programme for Government can cement the Executive (June 2000)

Flagging concern: the controversy over flags and emblems
A new flag as a fresh approach to the Union flag / Tricolour row (July 2000)

Order in policing: resolving the impasse over the Patten report
A three-way compromise to address the policing issue (October 2000)

Two elections, two contests: the June 2001 elections in Northern Ireland
A discussion of the significance of the Westminster and local-government elections (August 2001)

A regional strategy for social inclusion
A major policy statement on tackling inequality in Northern Ireland (Civic Forum, May 2002), [PDF; 448KB]

De-escalating parade disputes: interpreting the ECHR
An attempt to apply objective standards to a partisan argument (February 2003), [PDF; 1497KB]

A route to stability: the review of the Belfast Agreement
How the agreement review could restore power-sharing (August 2003), [PDF; 164KB]

Shared space, shared problem: local civic fora and intercommunal relations
A discussion of mechanisms for resolving local sectarian disputes (May 2004), [PDF; 256KB]

List of Briefing Papers

Structurally unsound: the Northern Ireland bids for further EU monies (March 2000)

The Criminal Justice Review: a response (October 2000)

The Future of Selection: a 'young citizens' jury on the 11+ examination (November 2000)

The Northern Ireland Assembly and Women: assessing the gender deficit (December 2000)

A Democratic Design?: the political style of the Northern Ireland Assembly (May 2001, with the Constitution Unit)

Women and the Local Government Elections 2001 (June 2001)

Private Partners and the Public Good, (Institute of Governance, QUB, August 2002), [PDF; 224KB]

We Have a Voice: young people and political engagement, (March 2004), [PDF; 235KB]

The Media Election: coverage of the November 2003 Northern Ireland Assembly poll, (January 2004), [PDF; 531KB]

Reconciliation: A Working Definition., (September 2004), [PDF; 45KB]


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