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"Estudios Irlandeses, the journal of the Spanish Association for Irish Studies (AEDEI), is a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal published once a year, in March. It is aimed at an academic audience and the interested general reader. It seeks to become an international forum for original research in the field of Irish Studies in an easily accessible electronic format."

Articles from Estudios Irlandeses

The following articles have been selected, with permission, from past issues of Estudios Irlandeses as being most related to the topics covered on the CAIN site. Users should visit the original web site (link above) to see the full list of articles in each past issue.

Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.7 - 2012

McCann, Fiona. (2012). ‘The Good Terrorist(s)’? Interrogating Gender and Violence in Ann Devlin’s ‘Naming the Names’ and Anna Burns’ No Bones', Estudios Irlandeses, Number 7, January 2012, pp.69-78, [PDF; 65KB]. ... [18106]

Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.6 - 2011

Mercereau, Jean. (2011). 'From “Criminal Adventurer” to “the Most Important Irishman of Our Time”: the Irish Times and Eamon de Valera, 1916-1973', Estudios Irlandeses, Number 6, February 2012, pp.70-82, [PDF; 90KB]. ... [18107]

Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.5 - 2010

Davey, Maeve Eileen. (2010). '“She had to start thinking like a man”: Women Writing Bodies in Contemporary Northern Irish Fiction', Estudios Irlandeses, Number 5, March 2010, pp.12-24, [PDF; 74KB]. ... [17497]

Kurdi, Mária. (2010). 'A Woman Leaving Twice to Arrive: The Journey as Quest for a Gendered Diasporic Identity in Anne Devlin’s After Easter', Estudios Irlandeses, No.5, March 2010, pp.58-67, [PDF; 88KB]. ... [17496]

Privas, Virginie. (2010). 'Monological Drama to Reshape the Northern Irish Identity: A Night in November by Marie Jones', Estudios Irlandeses, No.5, March 2010, pp.68-80, [PDF; 80KB]. ... [17495]


Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.4 - 2009

Lelourec, Lesley. (2009). '…the Bad and the Ugly: Good Guys after all? Representations of Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley in the English Press', Estudios Irlandeses, No.4, March 2009, pp.32-44, [PDF; 86KB]. ... [17494]


Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.3 - 2008

Crowley, Tony. (2008). 'Memory and Forgetting in a Time of Violence: Brian Friel’s Meta-History Plays', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.3, March 2008, pp.72-83, [PDF; 80KB]. ... [17493]

Penet, Jean-Christophe. (2008). 'From Idealised Moral Community to Real Tiger Society. The Catholic Church in Secular Ireland', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.3, March 2008, pp.143-153, [PDF; 68KB]. ... [17492]


Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.2 - 2007

Merivirta-Chakrabarti, Raita. (2007). 'Between Irish National Cinema and Hollywood: Neil Jordan's Michael Collins', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.2, March 2007, pp.121-127, [PDF; 47KB]. ... [17491]

Schwerter, Stephanie. (2007). 'Transgressing Boundaries: Belfast and the 'Romance-Across-the-Divide'', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.2, March 2007, pp.173-182, [PDF; 74KB]. ... [16442]


Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.1 - 2006

Abassi, Zouhaïr., and Soubiale, Nadège. (2006). 'The Times and the Northern Ireland Conflict', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.1, March 2006, pp.1-15, [PDF; 144KB]. ... [17490]

Morales-Ladrón, Marisol. (2006). 'Troubling Thrillers: Between Politics and Popular Fiction in the novels of Benedict Kiely, Brian Moore and Colin Bateman', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.1, March 2006, pp.58-66, [PDF; 153KB]. ... [17281]


Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.0 - 2005

Hutchinson, Wesley. (2005). 'Engendering Change in the UDA: Gary Mitchell’s Loyal Women', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.0, March 2005, pp.67-76, [PDF; 144KB]. ... [17489]

Mailhes, Christian. (2005). 'Northern Ireland in Transition: the Role of Justice', Estudios Irlandeses, Issue No.0, March 2005, pp.77-90, [PDF; 259KB]. ... [17488]


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