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Anglo-Irish Agreement - A Selected Reading List

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Text and Research: Alan Morton
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The following text has been contributed by Alan Morton, Ph.D. Student with the Irish Peace Institute Research Centre, University of Limerick. The views expressed in this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the CAIN Project. The CAIN Project would welcome other material which meets our guidelines for contributions.

Key Texts

FitzGerald (1991) All in a Life: An Autobiography.

Guelke (1988) Northern Ireland: An International Perspective.

Hadden and Boyle (1989) The Anglo-Irish Agreement: Commentary, Text and Official Review.

Kenny (1986) The Road to Hillsborough

O'Leary and McGarry (1993) The Politics of Antagonism: Understanding Northern Ireland

Thatcher (1993) The Downing Street Years

General Reference Texts

Bardon (1992) A History of Ulster

Bew and Gillespie(1993) Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles, 1968-1993.

O'Leary and McGarry (1995) Explaining Northern Ireland

Whyte (1990) Interpreting Northern Ireland

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