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Conn McCluskey (1989) 'Up Off Their Knees'

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Text: Conn McCluskey ... Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh

The contents of the following book has been contributed by the daughter of the author and copyright holder, Margaret McCluskey. The views expressed in this book do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the CAIN Project. The CAIN Project would welcome other material which meets our guidelines for contributions.
[Book added to CAIN site on 9 April 2018.]

The entire contents are reproduced from the book:

Up Off Their Knees:
A Commentary on the
Civil Rights Movement in
Northern Ireland

by Conn McCluskey (1989)
ISBN 0 9514837 1 4 Paperback 245pp
Original publisher Conn McCluskey and Associates (Out of Print)

Cover photograph:

This book is copyright Conn McCluskey 1989 and is included on the CAIN site by permission of Margaret McCluskey. You may not edit, adapt, or redistribute changed versions of this for other than your personal use without the express written permission of Margaret McCluskey. Redistribution for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Constantine Mary (Conn) McCluskey was born in February 1915 in Warrenpoint, County Down. He died in Dublin on 16 December 2013.


File Details
Front cover, frontispiece, dedication, etc. fc, i-vi
[PDF; 423KB]
Foreword by P.J. McCooey 1-4
[PDF; 560KB]
Introduction 5-8
[PDF; 475KB]
1 The Dungannon Affiar 9-14
[PDF; 924KB]
2 The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland 15-55
[PDF; 6216KB]
3 Up Off Their Knees 56-59
[PDF; 497KB]
4 Party Politics 60-92
[PDF; 4908KB]
5 The Pressure Groups 93-97
[PDF; 689KB]
6 The Newspapers 98-103
[PDF; 745KB]
7 The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association 104-140
[PDF; 5451KB]
8 Bernadette Devlin 141-149
[PDF; 1184KB]
9 Protestant Fundamentalism, Paisley and Paisleyism 150-157
[PDF; 1117KB]
10 The Paramilitaries 158-166
[PDF; 1302KB]
11 A Short Diary of Events 167-184
[PDF; 2429KB]
Envoi 185-188
[PDF; 552KB]
Appendix I Northern Ireland: The Plain Truth 189-226
[PDF; 4192KB]
Appendix II Northern Ireland: Why Justice can not be done 227-234
[PDF; 805KB]
Select Bibliography 235-236
[PDF; 164KB]
Index (and rear cover) 237-245
[PDF; 1280KB]


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