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Terms of Reference of the Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, (15 February 2000)

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Text: Department of the Taoiseach ... Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh

Terms of Reference of the Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings
(15 February 2000; Dublin: Department of the Taoiseach)

To undertake a thorough examination, involving fact finding and assessment, of all aspects of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings and their sequel, including

  • the facts, circumstances, causes and perpetrators of the bombings;
  • the nature, extent and adequacy of Garda investigation, including the co-operation with and from the relevant authorities in Northern Ireland and the handling of evidence, including the scientific analyses of forensic evidence;
  • the reasons why no prosecution took place, including whether and if so, by whom and to what extent the investigations were impeded; and
  • the issues raised by the Hidden Hand T.V. documentary broadcast in 1993;

The Dublin/Monaghan bombings refer to

  • the bomb explosions that took place in Parnell Street, Talbot Street and South Leinster Street, Dublin, on 17 May, 1974
  • the bomb explosion that took place in North Street, Monaghan, on 17 May, 1974


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